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As one of the five most studied languages in the world today, Italian, with its liveliness and vitality, holds a great fascination for numerous and diversified groups of students: spanning from those who simply want to learn about its fascinating history and culture, to those who need it for work, those who just love it or are simply curious, and lastly to those who have found their second home here and want to be part of its social culture, Italian is indispensable.

Studying Italian with IH LAKE COMO…team lingue is not just a simple language course, it’s a full immersion in Italian culture and everything that has made it famous and the object of peoples’ dreams the world over: if you really want to try out the land of the Dolce Vita, fashion, design, food and wine and art, you’ve come to the right place!

Our Italian courses, led by fully qualified and experienced teachers, are not limited to the classroom, but offer extra-curricular activities to guarantee an all-round experience of both our language and our culture; the courses are extremely flexible and can be shaped according to the individual requirements and objectives of our students, and can be either individual or in groups.

Our school is located near Lake Como, an area rich in natural beauty with a thriving economy and high quality of life. Being close to Milan, the country’s economic capital with three international airports which links the city with the rest of the world with both scheduled and low-cost flights, makes us a strategic destination which is easily reached and is a good base for exploring the sights of the nearby towns of Lecco, Como, Bergamo and Monza, and even destinations which are not so close.

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  • Merate, Via Laghetto 9
    Tel: +39 039.9906600
  • Como, Via Miani 9
    Tel: +39 031.2257506

  • Lecco, Via Ghislanzoni 4
    Tel: +39 0341.1920516

  • Email:

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