More than a language school…

Who are we?

Quite simply, people with the same passion who share a project: to create a place where our students – but not only – can be stimulated to love languages, open their minds, widen their horizons…and, why not, make new friends along the way. We want to contribute to the growth of those around us by shaping every day children and adults, old and young, who are capable of appreciating different cultures and communicating effectively.
We believe in this project and its ability to create value, culture and new opportunities. Just like waves from a stone thrown into water, we want to reach children and parents, students and workers, companies, schools, anyone who wants to share our vision.
We believe in constantly improving the way we teach and this is why we are continually investing in our teacher training, because we want to offer a way of teaching which is both flexible and suitable to the different needs of our students.
We believe learning should be natural, communicative and through experience, and generate motivation and stimulation in our students ensuring they reach their objectives.

There you have it, that’s what we believe in…and you?

Come Join us...!

Dove puoi trovarci


  • Merate, Via Laghetto 9
    Tel: +39 039.9906600
  • Como, Via Miani 9
    Tel: +39 031.2257506

  • Lecco, Via Ghislanzoni 4
    Tel: +39 0341.1920516

  • Email:

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